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Accommodation and food service activities

Search over 298,924 companies company records in the accommodation and food service activities sector The accommodation and food service industry remains one of the most profitable of all it currently generates £103.7 billion in the UK alone, according to research by IBISWorld. In London alone, the industry has grown rapidly over the last few decades; 163,000 jobs were created between 1996 and 2015. However, when it comes to marketing your product or service, it can be incredibly difficult to get hold of the contacts you require. More

Company name Revenue Age Employees Industry Email & Phone number
BRUPAKS (UK) LIMITED - 9 9 Consumer Goods & Services +44127******, br*****
EGYPTIAN KITCHEN LIMITED - - 9 Information Technology +44208******, en*****
FOXTON BOAT SERVICES LIMITED - 52 9 Transport & Logistics +44116******, foxton*****
TRIBOURNE CATERING SERVICES LIMITED - 17 9 Consulting +44161******, b*****
CHICHESTER CANAL TRADING LIMITED - 20 100-249 Transport & Logistics +44124******, d.d*****
ST. ANDREWS FARMHOUSE CHEESE COMPANY LIMITED - 11 10-19 Food +44133******, ****
MARC (MILL) LIMITED - 8 10-19 Government +44207******, ****
MAPLETREE CATERING LTD - 11 9 Leisure & Entertainment +44176******, ****
ROLLOVER LIMITED 12,622,943.00 27 20-49 Agriculture +44175******, ****
BIGGER BITES DORSET LIMITED - 14 9 Take-away food shops and mobile food stands +44130******
THE OLIVE GROWS LIMITED - 10 9 Consumer Goods & Services +44787******, g*****
THE KEYSTONE (GUILDFORD) LIMITED - 5 9 Beverages +44148******, ri*****
CATERPLUS SERVICES LIMITED 22,822,387.00 27 9 Leisure & Entertainment +44190******, ****
DAVID BROWN MARKETING LIMITED - 35 9 Retail +44125******, ****
COPTHORNE HOTEL (MANCHESTER) LIMITED 3,374,000.00 - 100-249 Tourism +44161******, tom.c*****
TALASH LIMITED - 11 9 Textile +44208******
NOMAD UK LIMITED - 14 9 Leisure & Entertainment +44208******, co*****
THE LAKE DISTRICT TRADING CO LIMITED - 10 9 Information Technology +44153******, ****
PIE MAN FOOD COMPANY LIMITED(THE) - 7 10-19 Agriculture +44207******, e*****
M.J. LEISURE LIMITED - - 9 Leisure & Entertainment +44190******, ****
STAINCROSS COFFEE LIMITED - 15 9 Consumer Goods & Services +44122******
FIVESTAR CATERING LTD - 19 10-19 Leisure & Entertainment +44207******, ****
KEAT FARM (CARAVANS) LIMITED - 56 9 Automotive +44122******, ****
WOK MASTER FOODS LIMITED - 20 10-19 Beverages +44161******, li*****
THE PLACE FOR LIVING LIMITED 4,111,134.00 17 50-99 Business Services +44161******, ****

Global Database provides an efficient and cost-effective solution to this problem. Our accommodation and food service company directory contains 298,924 companies records for organisations and key employees in the industry, all with direct contact information so you can avoid generic email addresses and company gatekeepers. As well as phone, fax, email, and direct mail details, our B2B database also contains information such as number of employees, sales volumes, key employees and board members, technology insights, and much more.

We've made this information fully searchable using a range of filter tools, so you can quickly and easily narrow your contacts to your ideal audience. For example, if you have a physical product to sell, or run a staffing agency, you'll probably need to filter by location. Given the often-volatile nature of the industry, you may wish to target accommodation and food service companies that have been operating for a long time, or alternatively if you have a product or service that is particularly aimed at startups, you can narrow your search accordingly.

All of the data within the Global Database accommodation and food service B2B database is updated on a daily basis, so you'll have a steady stream of fresh leads to add to your sales funnel. Once you've built your lists, you can transfer them to your email service or CRM straight away via unlimited Excel exports, allowing your sales team to start their next campaign immediately.

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