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Lead Generation

Generate more qualified leads and get more conversions

Customer Profiles

Smart Alerts

Optimized Sales Funnels

Shape comprehensive customer profiles to boost conversion rates

Receive notifications when new high-probability leads appear on the market

Use higher-quality inputs at each step of your sales funnel

Perform custom data researches, optimize your sales funnel and grow the number of conversions

Customer profiles

Build exhaustive profiles of your customers, using the data provided by Global Database, to bring your marketing campaigns to the next level and define sales-ready leads right away.


Relevant alerts

Get notified about new companies that have profiles fitting your criteria as soon as they enter the market and are registered in our B2B company database, and increase your conversions being the first to contact them.


Accurate data

Become more self-confident while being sure that data underlying your research and campaigns is relevant and up-to-date. Feel the difference for yourself between inbound and outbound marketing!


Smooth process

Optimize your sales funnel with the smallest ever effort at each and every step, as Global Database has all the information you need on tap.


Better experience

Benefit of custom data research possible with Global Database. If the information available is not enough, we’ll be more than happy to walk that extra mile to provide you with the data you are looking for.


Higher personalization

Enjoy the efficiency of warm outreach as you’ll be able to compile the list of prospects knowing in advance about their interest in or need for your product.


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