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Manufacturing compnies database in UK

Search from 374,449 companies manufacturing company records
UK manufacturing remains strong; the UK industry is currently ninth largest industrial nation in the world, directly employing 2.7 million, according to EEF. The UK industry accounts for 10% of the country's GVA and 45% of its exports. Employment growth in the sector is currently at the highest level in more than three years, according to a survey of purchasing managers from the sector. More

Company name Revenue Age Employees Industry Email & Phone number
OGDEN FIBRES LIMITED - 97 20-49 Textile +44153******, *****
LOWRIE FOODS LIMITED 8,189,292.00 34 20-49 Agriculture +44191******, o*****
INDICO RUBBER CO. LIMITED - 44 10-19 Chemicals +44161******, *****
COMPRESSOR ENGINEERING SALES LIMITED - 36 10-19 Automotive +44153******
GENWORK LIMITED - 37 10-19 Transport & Logistics +44138******, *****
GRANT WESTFIELD LIMITED 34,571,645.00 52 100-249 Chemicals +44131******, *****
COLD FORMED PRODUCTS LIMITED - 62 31 Chemicals +44208******, julie.t*****
G.V.E. LIMITED - 32 9 Chemicals +44161******, ****
DARLINGTON HEAT TREATMENT LIMITED 319,688.00 45 9 Consulting +44132******, steve*****
CHEMENCE GRAPHICS POLLINGTON LIMITED 591,293.00 34 10-19 Paper, Wood & Furniture +44140******, d*****
PROVINCIAL PRINTING AND PUBLISHING COMPANY LIMITED - 64 9 Paper, Wood & Furniture +44292******, *****
HYDRAFIT (COVENTRY) LIMITED - 10 9 Automotive +44190******,*****
CLARK CAMPION ENGINEERING COMPANY LIMITED - 51 10-19 Metals +44170******, ****
SEVARG ENGINEERING LIMITED - 42 20-49 Transport & Logistics +44170******, *****
SANDHURST ENGINEERING LIMITED - 32 9 Metals +44127******, *****
WOODWASTE CONTROL ENGINEERING LIMITED - 35 10-19 Chemicals +44162******, ***
MIRACON CONVEYORS LIMITED - 12 9 Transport & Logistics +44121******, *****
SHAWE HALL TEXTILES LIMITED - 14 9 Textile +44796******
ELDON ELECTRIC LIMITED 11,291,539.00 51 50-99 Chemicals +44170******, orde*****
ALPHAGRAPHIC INKS LIMITED - 31 9 Chemicals +44289******, w*****
JFD LIMITED 82,201,456.00 28 100-249 Chemicals +44122******, ****
SEABORNE PLASTICS LIMITED - 24 9 Chemicals +44148******
AUTOBOX LIMITED - 10 20-49 Chemicals +44152******, **
BLUE DIAMOND ENGINEERING LIMITED - 31 20-49 Metals +44138******, *****
JOSEPH AND JESSE SIDDONS LIMITED 5,052,867.00 137 50-99 Metals +44121******, ian.p*****

Kick start your marketing campaigns with the Global Database manufacturing company directory. Each of our records contains company name and address, website, mobile and landline numbers, email, and fax details. However, they're much more than just contact lists; our manufacturing company database offers in-depth insights into each business, including information such as number of employees, company nationality, office locations, income and turnover, key employees' names and job titles, and more.

Manually seeking out all of this information would be an extremely expensive and time-consuming operation. Also, given that the manufacturing sector is so large and encompasses a range of different types of company, it's vital to be able to narrow your search according to your exact requirements. The Global Database manufacturing companies list allows you to do just that; you can filter your search using options such as revenue, number of employees, which technology they're using, or simply by location - perfect if you need to focus your search on home turf, or if you're looking to expand into emerging markets, for example.

Each of the 374,449 companies manufacturing company records held in our database provides direct contact details, so you can avoid wasting time on gatekeepers and secretaries and begin selling and setting up meetings straight away. You can also target CEOs and other executives specifically by filtering your search by seniority level.

Exports via Excel are unlimited so you can integrate the data into your email marketing service or CRM efficiently. Daily updates to the manufacturing company database mean you have access to the highest quality data possible, and your campaigns will enjoy a much better ROI as a result.

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