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Real estate activities

Instant access to 337,525 companies that operate within the real estate sector
Domestic property is still the most valuable non-financial asset that the UK has, sitting at around £5.1 trillion, and accounting for 63% of the UK's total net worth, according to the Office for National Statistics. Commercial real estate is also incredibly important, contributing £94 billion to the country's economy, and employing over 1 million people, according to the British Property Federation. More

Company name Revenue Age Employees Industry Email & Phone number
ALLPINEGREEN LIMITED - 8 9 Construction & Real Estate +44152******
DICODA SERVICES LTD - 32 20-49 Metals +44118******
DSK PROPERTY INVESTMENTS LIMITED 383,778.00 21 100-249 Consulting +44129******, enqu*****
EAST ANGLIAN STORAGE LIMITED - 9 20-49 Transport & Logistics +44155******, *****
SHEPPERTON MARINA, LIMITED - 46 9 Transport & Logistics +44193******
CHRISTOPHER HULL SPORT LIMITED - 39 9 Paper, Wood & Furniture +44189******, *****
STEPHEN RAYNS LIMITED - 39 9 Transport & Logistics +44166******, ****
HILHAM PROPERTIES LIMITED 314,740.00 64 9 Defence & Security +44172******, *****
THOMAS FREDERICK & COMPANY LIMITED - 78 9 Textile +44161******, acc*****
TRINITY PARK EVENTS LIMITED 1,106,668.00 21 10-19 Business Services +44147******, enqu*****
GROSVENOR BUILDERS AND PROPERTY SERVICES LIMITED 209,755.00 11 20-49 Construction & Real Estate +44207******, ****
A R D PROPERTIES LIMITED - 19 50-99 Construction & Real Estate +44800******, ri*****
DUNGANNON WEST RENEWAL LIMITED - 23 9 Construction & Real Estate +44288******, d*****
BUSSTECH LTD 2,120,568.00 9 20-49 Management of real estate on a fee or contract basis +44203******
LIGONIEL COMMUNITY ENTERPRISES LTD - 26 9 Construction & Real Estate +44289******, administr*****
A & B GLASS PROPERTIES LIMITED - 14 100-249 Chemicals +44178******, enqu*****
JOHAL DAIRIES HOLDING CO LIMITED 29,721,527.00 24 50-99 Food +44190******
RALEIGH HALL PROPERTIES LIMITED - 35 100-249 Agriculture +44178******
CONSTABLE HOMES LIMITED 7,508,097.00 18 250-499 Construction & Real Estate +44124******, ****
LONDON & SURREY PROPERTY HOLDINGS LIMITED 2,211,339.00 41 9 Human Resources +44208******, re*****
OEM PROPERTY LIMITED 234,106.00 25 40 Energy & Utilities +44116******, inform*****
TOM JONES (BOAT BUILDERS) LIMITED 38,871.00 57 9 Transport & Logistics +44175******
MULBERRY FACILITIES LIMITED - 10 10-19 Business Services +44127******, rece*****
XPERIENCE PROPERTIES LIMITED - 30 10-19 Paper, Wood & Furniture +44193******
HARGREAVES & WOODS LIMITED - 11 9 Consulting +44124******, ****

The constantly changing nature of the real estate industry can make it extremely difficult to find quality leads and up to date contact information. Global Database offers a welcome solution to this problem; our real estate company directory is updated daily, and all of the email addresses it contains are validated on a 30-day basis for maximum accuracy.

When you gain access to our real estate company list, you'll be provided with contact details for phone, fax, and email, as well as revenue, office locations, board members, company websites, and more. We even provide technology insights and credit reports so you are armed with enough information to make informed marketing and business decisions.

Of course, not all of these 337,525 companies will be interested in your product or service, so Global Database enables you to filter the contacts using a number of demographic options. You may wish to target only businesses that have been in operation for a long period of time - particularly useful when it comes to weeding out potential risks in the real estate sector. Similarly, you may want to target businesses with a certain budget, and can therefore filter based on number of employees or turnover.

All of the records for real estate companies in our directory contain direct contact information, so you can reach right out to the people you need. What's more, you're able to filter your search based on employee level, so if you only want to add executives to your mailing list, you can do so quickly and easily. 

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