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Top Accommodation and food service activities companies in UK by revenue

The UK's accommodation and food service activities industry is one of the country's most profitable. The industry has grown by an average of 6% each year for the last five years, and is on track to generate £100 billion in revenue in 2018. With some 144,700 businesses working in the industry, it currently employs around 2.3 million people.
The industry has grown particularly rapidly in London, seeing an increase of 163,000 jobs between 1996 and 2015. The average SME in the accommodation and food services industry has enjoyed an increase in turnover of 8.3% from the previous year, according to research by Barclays Business.

The accommodation sector has seen growth in the last couple of years, with a 7% increase in the number of overseas visitors. 3.5 million tourists visited the UK during June 2017 alone, and their average budget has risen too. A spend of around £3,443, making a total of £2.2 billion - an increase on 2% for the period the previous year. Revenue in the accommodation sector has also seen a boost thanks to a 70% increase in the number of UK residents planning on holidaying within the country - something that three quarters of the population states they have done or are planning to do.


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While the UK restaurant industry is facing its fair share of challenges owing to factors such as higher labour costs and business rates, the contract catering industry currently sits at a healthy £4.7 billion. The top 15 players in this sector alone are generating a total of over £5 billion in sales every year.

So, who are the top companies in the UK accommodation and food service activities industry? At Global Database we've used our industry-leading data to compile a list of the companies turning over the most revenue - check out our findings below.

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